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Fostering sustainable partnership between academia and industry in improving applicability of logistics thinking (FINALIST)

Our project should help in achieving the goals set out in priorities of the EU (regards "internationalization of university studies"), and Danube Region Strategy (regards "connecting the Danube Region through improving mobility and multimodality", and "building prosperity in the Danube Region through development of the knowledge society and investing in people and skills") by pawing way for active participation of our network members in the regional development of knowledge throug three main areas:

  1. international mobility;
  2. internationalization o programmes of study;
  3. participation in the regional knowledge society and practical implementation of theoretical knowledge.

According to these main objectives, the philosophy of our CEEPUS network is built around the following goals:

  • to achieve competitive logistics advantage of the whole region (through development of human resources and creation of strategic alliances);
  • to contribute to the modernization of the universities in the region through the improvement of its curriculum structures and strengthening of its way of communication with other faculties (knowledge exchange) and cooperation with the business sector;
  • to promote cultural exchange within and between communities at local, national and international levels. Among those, more wider goals, activities within the proposed network shall contribute to the realization of the several specific goals:
  • support of internationalization of study in logistics and supply chain management;
  • preparing of the joint programs in the field of applied logistics;
  • organization of conferences, seminars, workshops and summer schools;
  • to intensify exchange of students and teachers;
  • to unify the methodology of creation of study programs and curricula;
  • integration of partners, especially those who cooperate for the first time in the frame of CEEPUS project;
  • publishing of the elaborated books, teaching materials and seminar proceedings on the covered topic;
  • updating the databases containing the publications, diploma works, PhD works and scientific papers elaborated at the partner departments;
  • privileged access to network partner's previous research work, literature, project, and internal standard in creating new curricula;
  • creation of e-learning platform (WEB based teaching);
  • finding opportunities for further internationalization of developed joint study programs.

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